KM Consulting’s Project Finance Research

A Brief About What You Need To Know

Collaborate Consulting exists to find the place where to being seemingly disparate interests meet. From that point of the connection, we create platforms.

Important Members

Project Financing is important for a few people more than others. These people are Financial Managers, Project Managers, Lenders, Sponsors, Researchers, Consultants, Engineers, Builders, Practitioners and Suppliers.

Stages of Project Financing

Mainly there are three stages; Pre Financing Stage, Financing Stage and Post Financing Stage. These are further divided into parts which include identification of the project, evaluation of risks involved, Equity Arrangement, Negotiation, Disbursement, Monitoring, Financial Closure and Repayment.

Cost Involved

Before financing a project it is important to research about the various costs that are involved in the project in order to make a well-evaluated decision. These costs include Land Cost, Development Cost, Building Cost, Machinery or Assets Costs, Preliminary Expenses and Miscellaneous Cost.

Setting Targets

Now, in any new project it is important to have a set target or goal which needs to be achieved. KM Consulting helps in choosing a project which allows fair procurement, minimum commercial risk, better future prospects and so on.

Research Plan

Why Choose KM Consulting for Project Finance Research?

KM Consulting has been in the market for over a decade now. Our experts have work experience with clients from different industries and countries making us provide our services with flexibility.


Client-Centric Solutions

Our experts understand the context with which our clients have asked for the support. KM Consulting provides services irrespective of industry, geography and asset class.


Strategic Goal Planning

We understand that no-one wants slow growth. But, it is important to set achievable milestones instead of directly hitting the supreme goal. Our experts, thus, help you out in setting the layout of achieving your goals through project financing too.

Benefits of Project Finance

What are the Advantages of Project Finance?

1. Non-Recourse Benefits

2. Maximized Leverage

3. Tax Benefits

4. No-Debt Balance Sheet

In Project Financing, the sponsor can choose a non-recourse loan where the sponsor has no obligation to pay if the project didn’t make any profit with terms and conditions applied.

The Project Finance also allows the sponsor to not dilute its equity in order to put money in a project. The sponsor can finance upto 80-100 percent of the project on a high leverage basis under debt.

Project financing can also be used to maximise the tax benefits and can be used by the sponsor or the partner involved in the project as much as permissible.

The money leveraged to the sponsor comes under the non-recourse section which is why the sponsor doesn’t have to show the spent money under the debt charges in the balance sheet.