Why Academic Advice?

What Is Academic Research And Why Is It Important?

Academic Research, in easy language, is understanding the already existing knowledge about certain subjects and coming up with new information by using that knowledge. These academic researches are the most beneficial for the candidates pursuing their PhD degree. However, it is not easy to come up with the appropriate research topics at times.

KM Consulting has a team of experts belonging to different academic research fields who understand the troubles of research. They are experienced in doing in-depth academic research to make the difficult task easier for you.


A PhD Academic Research can improve your career prospects.


The research work provides you with data and analysis that improves your knowledge about the subject.

Answers You Need

Clear Your Doubts By The Help Of These FAQs

Yes, we do provide PhD Thesis writing assistance and not just that but we also provide services in topic selection, data analysis, PhD thesis proposal writing and so on.

Usually, we come up with the title suggestions and research writing after discussing and understanding the requirements of the candidate. However, we come up with more than one title suggestions for you to choose and in case you need modifications in the thesis writing, we review it for free and make the necessary changes.

It depends on the work and it’s complexity. For consultancy, the responses are quick. As for the writing part, it may take from 3 business days to a week as well.


Academic Benefits

  • We have a team of PhD Research Scholars who know the protocols of research.
  • Our experts belong to different specializations, which makes it provide reliable consultancy.
  • Our response time is quick and effective.
  • We mentor the candidates through an interactive mode.
  • The services we provide in research and consultancy are customized.
  • We are strictly against plagiarism and encourage originality.
  • We help the candidates in understanding the different phases of the research process.
  • Our experts keep the documentation of the process so that you can get a complete overview of the research.
  • Our editing and proofreading services make sure that there is no error, be it related to either grammatical, spelling or language.
  • We also provide topic selection, PhD Thesis writing, research paper writing and data analysis services.
Our Process

How Do We Plan a Strategy?


Understanding the Candidate’s Needs

KM Consulting first tries to understand what exactly the client or PhD candidate is looking for in the academic research to get the idea of where to look.


Doing a Thorough Research

After knowing the subject area, our experts do a thorough research on the topic and evaluate the points which fits the research area the best.


Preparing an In-Depth Analysis

To make it easier for the candidates to understand, we prepare a well-structured analysis so that the research work becomes easily understandable.


Providing the Solution

Once the research and analysis part is done, we connect with the candidate and give them the valuable feedback and the services they asked for